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IPS-M920CA Automated pH and Dual ORP Controller
with PPM Display and Online Monitoring

Top of the line for Commercial, Large Residential, and Custom Residential.

Application: Complies with California Health Department
Requirements to meet Title XXII

For installations where health departments require daily logs of FAC (PPM) &
pH, the M920CA will provide reports from the controller system.

Maintain consistent pH and sanitizer levels through out the day, assuring
the chemicals are balanced and the water is clean and clear. Automatically
monitor, adjust and dispense the correct amount of chemicals based on user

Check in on activity using your smart phone or tablet. Web-based
programming, monitoring, multiple email and testing options for alert
notification are built into the M920CA, with optional wireless internet access.

We RecoMmend

Finding it difficult to keep up with chemical reporting? Using updated chemical control and real-time monitoring is more important than ever. AquaPure Pools is committed to making the job simple and easy. We recommend installing a chemical controller that also has the ability to test and give real-time testing data to make record keeping a breeze. 

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Chemical Control

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