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Junior Olympic Pool, Now Ready for Swimmers

This 40 year old pool, spa and deck were completely damaged and cracked all over. The deck was removed and replaced with a slate stamped concrete. We added a coco color mixture in with the concrete to create an elegant and classy look. The pool was replastered with a durable and high quality 3M quartz for a longer lasting life. New coping and tile was added along with new racing lines and targets to provide for the Junior Olumpic pool. The plumbing for the pool not only was all replaced but Aquapure also installed a dual pump system in the spa. The electrical for underwater pool lights was rotted and replaced with a durable red brass and PVC conduit runs. All of the landscaping lighting was completely rewired, too. Auapure designed a simple but modern landscaping layout to soften the area. We installed an American Disability Act (ADA) approved pool lift, as well as ramps and grab rails to clubhouse buildings and pool entrance to ensure safety of others.

Renovation of this magnitude increases property value and enhanced the enjoyment for the community. The home owners say the facility reminds them of a resort and is a relaxing environment.

Aquapure completely upgraded the plumbing and landscaping on this job. The pool and spa were about 30 years old and needed a modern updated look. The deck was rough to walk on and rusted re-bar was coming through in many places.

We replaced the old deck with a new color and stamp finish. The original plumbing was completely redone and brought up to the necessary codes.

Elegant Pool Receives Much Needed Face Lift


30 Year Old Pool Gets a New Look!

This renovation started with a pool that was built in the early '70s. A complete renovation was required and Aquapure was just the company to do the job.  There was major cracking in the decking and the plumbing also needed to be replaced. A large job, indeed. The decking was resurfaced, bringing it back to life, making a comfortable surface for everyone. 

The entire plumbing system was replaced, now meeting all county codes on filtration and turnover rates for the health and safety of swimmers. The spa went through major renovation also. We replaced the jet system and completely reconfigured the plumbing. The homeowners were very pleased with the result stating, " The spa has never worked better and the jets are therapeutic and enjoyed by everyone."


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